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~~[wo]maniFEST[ival][the big]0~~neuroqueer: nodes fer uh Grammuh C, by Phil Smith

~~[wo]maniFEST[ival][the big]0~~        
neuroqueer: nodes fer uh Grammuh C

neu      roq       ueer.
new     rock     uhr.
neuro   queer.
neuro   queer.  ya        hear?
neuro   queer.  ya        here?
                        we’re   hier      (not archy)
                        in da    blogosphere
            makin’ a new   grammar.

see, dere’s a Grammar A (Weathers, 1980). Dat’s da grammar uv white people   priv     leged
                                                                                                                        privy   ledged
                                                                                                                        shit      rocks
            old white dead men     upper                          class
                                                dey ain’t got no           class
                                                dey don’t have to
                                                dey above all dat, knowutmsayin?
                                                head uv da                   class
                                                dey above da               class
                                                dey da ony                  class
                                                dey de FINE da           class
                                                dey create da               class
                                                deys n mein                 class
                                                                                    class    ic
                                                                                    class    ick
                                                                                                icky     poo
                                                                                                ick       shit

stan                                                     dard     english
the       language that made the            r-word
the       langue
the       tongue
                        slidin’ around, slippery
                        in they mouth
                        leering, ogling, staring
                                                                        eng       lish
                                                                        ing       lish
                        tongue of white people
                        tongue of privilege
                        tongue of power
                        tongue of         control ling      us
                                                            ing       lish
                                                controlling       us
                        locking             us                                up
                        lock     king     us                                down
                        lock     queen   us        in                     back     wards
                        lock     cock     us        outta da           fore      ground
                        lock     cunt     us        into da             out       side

eng       lish
ang       uish
ang       lish
the langue of the Angles
the langue that made               right                 angles
                                    and      str8ght             lines

                        no room for     queer               lines
                                                bent                 lines
                                                out                   lines
                                                out                   liers
                                                                                    these cannot be          
                                    drawn                                      (and quartered)
                                    painted                        in Grammar A.

Grammar A is the grammar     of         binary
                                                of         het
                                                of         two dimensions
                                                of         a single Euclidian plane that while     
extending         forever
                                                                                                            goes                 nowhere

see, dere’s a Grammar B (Weathers, 1980).            dis da   grammar
                                                                                                uv        hipsters
                                                                                                            cool cats
                                                                                                            hot sax
            bits                  and
            pieces              and
            fragments        and
            parts                and

it repeats itself
it repeats itself
it repeats itself
it repeats itself                        and others       little complex loops forward and back

sentences that go nowhere sidewise around and around and around painting circles and songs and stories and pomes about the day and night in counter-hegemonic dialects,     mixing it up
messing it up messinwidit

Grammar B is da grammar uv             exploration
                                                            finding the edges
                                                            discovering the boundaries
                                                            describing the margins
                                                                                                            but       it remains binary
                                                                                                                        it remains het
                                                                                                                        it remains planar
it understands the edges of the plane, may even live there, but does not go beyond
it remains caught up in the      meaning-making
                                                            of the given structures of the dominant

Now Grammuch C, see, dats a hole new ting.
New rock we’re
Neo rhizomatic {who} we are
                                    creates da        Grammuh C
Gramercy (Park)
grant mercy on we see
granmudder sea           (great ocean waves
                        huge tsunamis
                        crawling across da       world
                                                            wired, weird
Grammuh C, se[a]e,    under
                                    over     stands
knowsvlike no udder grammah dat     the politics of the flesh are the roots of power
                                                                                                                                                                                    (Le Guin, 1995, p. 158).

neuroqueer makes Grammah C.
creates it.
builds it.
speaks it.
da gnu wurd.
a noo langue.
a nui tongue, slipping slowly and cairfully ovar sweet new flesh.     licking
this Grammah C          iz outside da margins
off da map
nah:                             dey iz no map
                                                                        it works
                                                                        it feels
                                                                        it loves
                                                                                                in three dimensions
nah:                                                                                         in more:           a multiverse
                                                                                                                        the polyverse
                                                                                                                        a poly amorous verse
            uh many imagined       cross
                                                            not one
                                                            not da udder
                                                            nod      even inbuhtween
                                                                                                but a gnu notevenimaginedyet
poly    amorous          verse
many                           pome-making  tongue-entwined         langue
a new writing
a new writhing
a new exciting
a new inviting
a new delighting          language
                        tongue languishing
                        body    sandwiching
                                                            cultural way uv be-ing.           nod a pidgin
                                                                                                            nod a dialect
uh hole new weigh uv             being with each other
                                                speaking to each other
                                                living with each other

makes                          Grammuh        C.
insists on                     Grammuh        C.
demands                      Grammuh        C.
a revolution for           Grammuh        C.
                                                                        Grammuh C eliminates           racism
                                                                                                                        all da udder isms.

fuck yo Grammar A.
we gon bury dat shit.
cuz “all alphabets are prisons” (Z. Richter, personal communication, March 27, 2014).

makes     Grammar   C.

Impossibly, References
Le Guin, U. (1995). Four ways to forgiveness. NY: HarperPrism.
Weathers, W. (1980). An alternate style: Options in composition. Rochelle Park, NJ: Hayden
Book Co.

[Pic of the mobius strip or infinity or sideways eight in rainbow tones on black square with words neuro queer.]

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