Thursday, March 20, 2014

NeuroQueer Buttons!

Melanie Yergeau of Autistext designed these hot and awesome Neuroqueer buttons and they are available now!  W00t!

Look at this:

[Pic: A pink button bearing the text "neuro queer," with a little rainbow mobius strip superimposed in the middle of the button.]


[Action shot 1: NQ buttons on (L to R) Amy Sequenzia, Emily Titon, Melanie Yergeau and Ib Grace. This pic was taken at AutCom in Denver (by Judy Endow if I remember it properly).]
[Action shot 2: NQ buttons on (clockwise) Johnna Keller, Margaret Price, Stephanie Kirschbaum, Ib Grace and Corbett O'Toole. This pic was taken at the Disability Disclosure in/and Higher Education Conference at the University of Delaware by Elaine Gerber.]
These are totally affordable and all proceeds go to trying to get money to help fund starting a scholarship to get nontraditional neurodivergent scholars to disability studies conferences (for now it is specifically Society for Disability Studies, but we wish to expand, one button at a time :D ) !! So buy all the colors!! Buy one for all your friends!! And your cat!!

Click here for the original story of when Zazzle decided we were offending ourselves.  <--This is worth it to click, because it is very funny.


PS Here's that buying address again. ;)


  1. Disclaimer hehehe... don't put the button on your cat's coat. Ze won't like this. It makes a much nicer collar accessory! xx Love, Ib

  2. Just ordered mine! I'm glad Zazzle finally agreed to print these for us. <3

  3. Is it okay to use the image on a blog if we cite you?