Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Behaviorism Everywhere, by Ib Grace

(content: graphically physical language)

Behaviorism Everywhere

Muscles taut and trembling;
Guts churning in
Sweat drenched innards,  
Mixing with blood
From secret lacerations
Of a million mental pains
I do not know how to cry out—
But it’s nothing to you
Because I am “nice.”

The medical masters say
Behavior is everything:
I am only what they observe.
A to B to C—
There’s nothing to see here
Move along—
Agency and self are illusory
If they are disabled.

You know this is wrong
Yet apply the same
Standards to me:
I do not cut so must not bleed.
I am not cruel so must not feel.
The least I could do
Is tell you all my business.

Oppressor and oppressed
Confessor and depressed
Stop stressing. See:
Pressed from all sides
I now declare I care
With raring equanimity.
All y’all can take a knee,
Kiss my stoic kindhearted ass
Equally. You choose for you
And I for me.

I am in here.

-Ib Grace

(Thanks to Mark Utter for that last line.)

[This visual is a PowerPoint slide by Lili, labeled "The Most Fundamental Law of Behavior is that CONSEQUENCES DRIVE BEHAVIOR." The heading states: "LEARNING THEORY: OPERANT CONDITIONING." Below this, there are three columns. A stands for 'antecedent', B for 'behavior' and C for 'consequence'. The C and the A have arrows pointing to the B. Underneath the behavior is a small dog, labeled "BOOGIE'S BEHAVIOR". Underneath the consequences header you have "how the behavior works (or doesn't work for Boogie). "good stuff happens; increased behavior, Bad stuff happens, decreased behavior," etc. Underneath the antecedents you have pictures identifying cues, commands, environment, etc. such as "mom calling" and "click and treat" and so on.]