Monday, April 7, 2014

"Bipolar Disorder Has Its Ups and Downs" by David Feingold

[This is a three part visual installation. First piece of the triptych above looks like a blue devil head on a stick reminiscent of a lollipop, where the stick comes out of the devil's ear. The devil has red eyes and perhaps tongue. The tongue of the devil on the stick appears to entwine with the tongue of a person whose bright red perhaps lipsticked lips we see to the right of the pic along with partial nose and chin. Editor reads femme-presenting here, gender other than that unknown. It is not clear whose tongue is shown, either, whether the possessor of the lips, or the devil-head. Background is hot and warm red and gold tones, not unsuggestive of fire. Water or saliva in a beaded stream of two or three droplets comes from their mouths.]

[Second visual: on a bright Tabasco-red background are repeated over and over again these words the artist pulled verbatim from a website. "In persons with bipolar disorder hypersexuality is often the most troubling and challenging symptom to cope with." The words are arranged into a shape of a large ball with an...arrow...pointing upward to the top left of the screen. The effect is visually quite...Freudian.]
[In this final visual, we have the same color of Tabasco red in the background and the same general shape of the ball and arrow in the background. The arrow is now drooping downward into the lower left of the visual field. The sentence repeated to comprise this graphic shape is: "Low sex drive can be a result of side effects of medication taken to treat bipolar disorder."]

David's bio reflects an eclectic education, including a Bachelors in Art Education, Masters in Visual Design, Masters in Social Work, and a Doctorate in Education. His combined interests blended seamlessly in his recent visual/textual self narrative dissertation, "Beyond Words: Discovering the Bipolar Impaired Self through Visual Imagery," from National Louis University.

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