Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.  Many people who have suicidal thoughts and/or feelings have them either because of their brain chemistry itself, or because of society's ways of responding to their neurological, sexual or otherwise NeuroQueer identities.  At times, there can be a mixture of these things, or they can exacerbate one another.

Suicidal thoughts and feelings can be--must be--where it stops. Suicide itself is one hundred percent preventable.  However, a giant barrier to suicide prevention is stigma.

I am saying that death by suicide happens largely because of needless social stigma.  Look: the International Association for Suicide Prevention is saying something similar:

[Visual image: poster from the International Association for Suicide Prevention bearing the seal of the World Health Organization. "World Suicide Prevention Day" is super-imposed in large letters over a map of the world, and above today's date, September 10, 2013, is the caption: "Stigma: A Major Barrier to Suicide Prevention."]

Reach out to others if you are ever feeling these feelings or thinking these thoughts, and if you are someone who is being entrusted with this kind of information, know that it took a lot of guts to get past the social stigma and come to you with this, and you are being honored.  Listen, and reach back with the strong hand of love.

If you're wondering how to decide whom to reach out to, think of someone you can trust. Also let me tell you in general, people in the NeuroQueer movement are pretty immune to social stigma. We're used to it. A lot of us are proud of it. Quite a few of us may have felt suicidal ourselves and know what we did to get through. We will hear you. We have a lot of strong hands of love to offer.

Everyone hear me now, and remember this always: YOU MATTER.



  1. One thing that we have to remember is how problematic the clinical treatment for suicidal folks is. It equates to three day institutionalization that can become indefinite institutionalization if they have other disabilities on top of being suicidal. I had someone tell me once that the current "suicide treatment" doesn't help you get better. Instead, you'll just make sure next time to just do it and not tell anyone in case they try to "help" you be committing you. It's a major problem and it needs to be handled.

    1. Wow, that's terrible. Medical model - failure of the system again.

  2. Ack! DYMPHNA, thanks for getting the word out. We are lighting candles now.