Monday, September 30, 2013

Diss Function/Dis Function

(With Thanks To Zach Richter for the muse-phrase "Diss Function")

[Visual is a mathematical explanation breaking down the notation of the function of x.]

Diss Function/Dis Function

Function function, what’s your function
I do diss function sometimes
And I have written why functioning labels are
Insulting and
Dangerous and I have written

A person is a person
A person is not a function
Some people get angry when I say these things

And others make assumptions
Like this: like it’s OK to break the law
Because we seem smart to them
Or because we're in a position where
It’s easy to misuse your workers
Despite the fact that goes against the stated culture
And it's just not right

But executive functioning is a real thing
Unlike functioning labels
Which are arbitrary and tools for tools

Reasonable accommodations cannot be lost
Whenever you see fit
Not if you want the world to work properly
Not if you are decent or have moral fiber

I can diss function
But you in all your powerful radiance
Of alleged normality
You don’t get to
You get to respect my
Dis Function
Because in my own Dis Function
I function fine
WITH those reasonable accommodations so
Pay attention
See the reality
Do the right thing
And act justly in word and deed

Please do this from now on.


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