Monday, August 10, 2015

My Bipolar Pain(t) by David A. Feingold, Ed.D.

(Artist's Statement: I feel I am fortunate to have bipolar disorder.  It contributes to my uniqueness and not only forces me to live with imperfections, it redefines them as necessities.  I am bipolar and proud to the extent that I refer to myself as a bipolar artist as opposed to a more conventionally acceptable form: "an artist with bipolar disorder."  Yes, at times, it pains me to have bipolar disorder, but shirking from its overriding place, influence and effects in my life, pains me even more.  As the title of my image suggests, we can't paint over our pain with euphemisms and minimizing its close ties to our personalities, as it only muddles our self-perception and creates confusion and doubt concerning who we really are.)

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  1. Thanks for posting this painting and artist's statement. I am slowly chewing on this food for thought and inspiration.

  2. Let's take this further - bipolar is a legit form of neurodivergence. No "disorder" required!

    More info here:

    If anyone wants context, I'm Nick Walker's wife.

  3. My name is David Feingold, the artist and author of the above Artist Statement. Let's take this even further--although bipolar is a legit form of neurodivergence, it's offshoots of major depression and mania, require, no demand the term "disorder." If you visit my website, you will see that part of the subhead of the banner states, "a neurodivergent artist." Yes, I am am knowledgeable enough to consider myself to be considered neurodivergently bipolar, but I also have a disorder. No such thing as bipolar disorder? Tell that to the person who is (has) bipolar that his/her life threatening major depression is a legit form of neurodivergence, that his/her extremely destructive manic episodes are a legit form of neurodivergence, that his/her partner who completed suicide had a legit form of neurodivergence, that a family member shot and killed by an out of control bipolar had a legit form of neurodivergence, that a breakup of a relationship, marriage and/or family was caused by a legit form of neurodivergence. If anyone wants context, I have bipolar disorder, wrote a dissertation on bipolar disorder, have a doctorate in disability studies, am a retired clinical social worker, had two necessary psychiatric hospitalizations and had a dear friend who was bipolar, kill herself, leaving behind a husband and two teenaged daughters. I checked out the bipolar-neurodiversity website and found the descriptions of bipolar to be misleading, irresponsible, naive, and potentially dangerous.