Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Neuroqueer Art by Katie F. Croteau

Image Description: A drawing on a white piece of paper sits atop a blue and yellow plaid tablecloth. The drawing is done entirely in pen, and features a few objects of interest. In the upper left corner, standing on a field of grass, an elephant with a surprised or intrigued look on it's face gazes upward and to the right, it's trunk folding inward and upwards. To the right of the elephant is a tree with fluffy spiky leaves and a palm-tree like trunk. Beneath the elephant is a large black flower with white polka dots, and a large, dotted center with a black circle in the middle. To the right of the flower, and beneath and between the elephant and the tree, is a friendly dragon's bust with two curved, striped horns atop it's head, smaller horns going down it's nose ridge, and two fangs from it's upper mouth. Behind the field and the tree are clouds and sky.
Image Description: A photo of a sketchbook drawing of a snail with lime green skin gazing upwards with its wiggly antennae. It has a blue outline, and a white shell that is crammed full of blue stars spiraling around on it. Background is white.

Image Description: A black tree with no leaves stands in the middle of a field of black grass. The tree's trunk curves in almost an "S" shape, and towards the base of its trunk fades into a crosshatching that gives a gray effect. Floating around the tree and lying in the grass are red, floral orbs that resemble chrysanthemums, which vary in size. Beneath and to the right of the field of black grass is a pond made of red water. In the upper left-hand corner is a sun that is made of the same chrysanthemum pattern, but has red lines emitting from its edges, and is the largest chrysanthemum on the page. To the tree's left is a tiny, black, leafless sapling.

Image Description: A drawing of a dimmly, warmly lit room with brown, wooden flooring stretching horizontally across the room. There are two windows on a gray-colored wall-- the window on the left features an orange-yellow striped curtain topper, and through the window is light blue water and pink fish with eyes, noses, and mouths. The window to the right has a purple curtain topper with blue polka dots. There are also fish with eyes, noses, and mouths, but they are teal and swimming in light purple water.

Beneath the window with the orange curtain is a bed with coral-colored sheets and pillow cases, topped with two pillows and a red blanket. The pillows inside the coral cases are white with thin, light blue horizonatl stripes running across them. The feet of the bed are very anthropomorphic-- you can see one of the bed's legs is bending, and the rest are implied as the bed runs off the page. The bed's foot is round and toeless, almost implying that it's wearing shoes.

Next to the bed is another anthropomorphic piece of furniture-- a lamp. The lamp's torso is spiraling upwards to the lampshade, but at the bottom has two feet which it is standing upon. The body of the lamp is yellow with green stripes, and the lamp's shade is teal.

To the right of the lamp, and partially obscuring the window with the purple curtain, is a green dresser with two drawers. The upper drawer has two round, blue knobs, which when paired with the lower drawer, which has a handle, the dresser appears to have a smiling face. The feet of the dresser are like pumps-- they are greener than the legs, which bend at slightly different angles.
Image Description: A drawing of a peacock-esque bird. The main body of the bird is hot pink-- its neck is long and curving as it looks down and to the viewer's right. The bird's tail feathers are in a rainbow sequence of "red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, violet," and like all the feathers on this bird, are drawn in a rounded, bolded style with a line running through the center and thin lines forming a series of "V" shapes down the line. The feathers on the wings are green, blue, teal, and yellow, and randomly but strategically placed in order of color. The bird has three feathers atop it's head-- the main and largest feather is red, and at its base has a yellow circle with and orange circle inside. The two feathers directly on either side of the red feather are violet. The bird's beak is orange, but towards the tip is greenish blue. The bird's legs and feet are orange, except for the talons which are white with blue tips. The bird has three toes and one rear talon on each foot. The background is a warm gray color.

Image Description: A close up of the wing and tail feathers from the peacock drawing.

Image Description: A close up of the head, tail, and upper wings of the peacock drawing.

Image Description: A drawing of a blue bird with two tail feather, a red bow tie, and three small buttons downing down it's chest. The bird is wearing thick, black rimmed glasses, and has it's beak open pretty wide. The bird is looking to the left, and is drawn on a white background.
Image Description: A large carrot with spiky leaves stands upright in the middle of the page. It stands atop a purple heart on a gray floor, as green vines spiral out of the leaves and consume the background. A white bunny with a blue outline and pink inner ears eagerly approaches the carrot with her arms spread wide-- she is wearing an ear ribbon and a white dress with blue polka dots. She is standing on one foot, with the other gracefully pointing behind her.
Image Description-- an acrylic painting on canvas featuring three bunnies-- the bunny in the middle is the largest, and is wearing what could either be interpreted as sunglasses or goggles without legs/straps. All three bunnies are facing the same direction (the viewer's left) and have exactly the same body shape-- similar to a gourd. The bunny on the far left is colored in entirely in black, and the bunny on the far left is colored in entirely in white. The middle bunny is a light gray. The background is a dark-ish gray, with the right and bottom edges of the canvas painted a medium gray. In total, there are 9 shades of the gray scale that make up this painting.

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