Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The paradox of white cis patriarchial binarist normativity, by Kylie Brooks

The paradox of white cis patriarchial binarist normativity:
Years ago I asked myself what a man is and what a woman is.

The answer was ... I don't know.

And I still don't know. Never will know.

People think they know, but do they really? Nah.

~Kylie Brooks
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  1. Kylie Brooks is a man with a beard and a penis and lots and lots of bigoted things to say. Rot in hell Mr. Brooks.

  2. kylie brooks is a beautiful, intelligent, transwoman and activist. keep it coming kylie!!!

  3. I bet Kyle Brooks give a mean fucking blumpkin.

  4. Women have beards! Women have penises! How is this so hard to understand?!

  5. He obviously has caretakers who groom him, it's telling that he can't get them to at least shave his beard. He's a fucking man, end of story.