Monday, October 14, 2013

I call to the shamed

I call to the shamed and you think and you feel
You are alone and you think and you feel
You are not worthy you are broken
And you shame yourself for feeling shame
It’s a cycle and the world abuses you
Then the people who abuse people they abuse you
And you shame yourself for being abused
And sometimes someone like me comes along
Singing a happy song an ode to life
Singing I love you and what you are
Come play with me and be real be yourself
You are all you have to be
And the beauty of you
You are real and I call to you

And sometimes you hear all this
And you feel more alone and you feel you will never
You will never feel the way I feel you will never
Ever see you the way I see you or me
And hearing me say it is shaming you too
But how can you say this
When the people like me so obviously mean well
And you might even think we are right
But it cannot stop the way you feel
This is real and I call to you

The shame is not forever and
While I don’t think the content is true I know
That the feeling is real and valid and lasts as long as it will
And I even know what it means what it is like
And I’ve sung that song before and before the freedom came
I knew the fear that kept the shame and this is how I know
How to remember that sometimes even my love
Feels like a reason for shame and pain
And I see you and I know it and for all the hurt there is
My heart hurts too and I remember and I wish for you
For the knowing to overcome the pain and shame
For our beauty to outshine the harms of abjection
We are real and I call to you



  1. Oh Ibby - this is exquisite!
    And difficult...
    And beautiful too...


  2. Stunning, beautiful truth - just like you

  3. This is so true and beautifully said.

  4. You folks are lovely. Thank you so much for your support xxoo Love, Ib